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Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated human change.  Hypnosis can create desired changes in behavior patterns, and encourage mental and physical wellbeing.  Simply stated, hypnosis is deep relaxation, heightened focus and concentration, and the use of verbal repetition and mental images.  Have you ever found yourself driving and completely lost track of the previous five miles?  Or been mesmerized by a set of windshield wipers on a rainy day?  Yes, you were hypnotized.

Positively Hypnosis is created by a group of like-minded individuals from several parts of the world.  Our common connection is our exposure to many eclectic and unusual experiences and beliefs including psychic phenomena, reincarnation, astrology, spirituality, magic, music and art.  From a certified hypnotist to an ordained minister, our intimate group has experienced life from unique angles with the talents of each combining into this wonderful medium of voice and sound.  Enjoy what we have learned so far during this lifetime and find out what you can accomplish through the use of positive reinforcement and the gift of giving time to yourself.  Take a moment, turn off the TV, relax, listen and enjoy feeling good. You can achieve all that you want to achieve.