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Time to Quit Smoking

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Are you ready to quit smoking?  Hypnosis is here to help!

Congratulations. You have made the decision to stop smoking.  This smoking cessation hypnosis session will help you to break the psychological addiction and craving to cigarette smoking allowing you to enjoy being a natural non-smoker and give up smoking for good.  Hypnosis is three times more likely to help you succeed quitting smoking over nicotine reduction methods. If you truly want to quit smoking, put on your headphones, relax and let your deprogramming to cigarettes begin now.

This session includes:

  • Electronic MP3 Download
  • Pleasant Female American Voice
  • Progressive Relaxation Hypnosis Induction
  • Countdown Hypnosis Deepener
  • Simple and Effective Suggestions to Become a Natural Non-Smoker
  • Relaxing Background Music
  • Brainwave Technology
  • Session Length is 23:56

To listen to a sample of Time to Quit Smoking, click here: